Successful Writing - Upper Intermediate SB


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'4 4 UNIT page5 page19 page33 page47 page51 page75 page89 page1o3 page777 1 # page131 LESSONr Grammar:questiontags Cando:checkinformation Grammar:futuresoverview Vocabulary:verbphrasesaboutwork Cando:talkaboutfutureplansandmake predictions Grammar:na

GEOGRAPHIC , CENGAGENATIONAL I .. LEARNING , _ Learning UPPER INTERMEDIATE Paul Dummett John Hughes Helen Stephenson - 2 Contents Unit 1Relationships pages 9-20 Grammar present tenses review the passive Vocabulary friends nouns and phrasal verbs word

Upper-Intermediate - Emergency Room (D0046) A: Help! Are you a doctor? My poor little Frankie has stopped breathing! Oh my gosh, Help me! I tried to perform CPR, but I just don’t know if I could get any air into his lungs! Oh, Frankie! B: Ellen, get

Intermediate - Volleyball (C0093) A: It’s a beautiful day here in New Zealand at the Men’s Volleyball world championship. My name is Rick Fields and I’m joined by the man with the plan, Bob Copeland. B: Thank you, Rick. We’ve got a very exciting en-

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Upper-Intermediate - Protest! (D0018) A: This is Action 5 News reporter Sarah O’Connell reporting live from Washington, D. C. where a protest has broken out. Thousands of angry citi- zens are protesting against the proposed bailout of the auto manufa

The Weekend - Aliens! (C0091) A: Oh honey, this is so romantic! I have never seen so many stars before! It’s beautiful! B: See that constellation there? That’s Orion! And the very bright star? Well, it’s not a star since it doesn’t blink. That’s actu