About us

MXDoc is all about eating enough food to best fuel your exercise and activities. And that’s it – not eating a lot of extra junk that will put on fat.

So many exercise and workout related disappointments are based on not eating right, rather than not exercising right. You know – carrying extra fat, not looking ‘ripped’ despite all your lifting, not having the energy to keep exercising or doing your best during a game, and having trouble putting on muscle. All of these are primarily nutrition issues, not workout issues.

No food or food type is inherently evil. There are just different tradeoffs you make when you decide what to eat and when to eat it.

MXDoc will give you a basic idea of what healthy eating is and provide a simple guide on how to eat to best put on muscle and fuel your exercise. It also offers a few tips and tricks to give you an edge doing that.

But eating healthy is really less about tips and tricks and more about practicing good eating habits regularly. Any trick can help, but regular adherence to eating good foods is way more effective.

Of course, healthy eating combined with a good basic weight training program will do wonders to change your body.

Finally, eating healthy doesn’t have to be drudgery! You can feel full, put on muscle, lose fat, and perform at your peak even while eating tasty, flavorful foods. It just takes a little creativity and knowledge.

So, get ready to learn about how food will help you make the most of whatever exercise you’re doing. Just a few simple changes can make big differences!

MXDoc Team